The committee cannot make reservations for speakers’ and participants’ hotels or accommodation, but the committee can provide some information about hotels near the seminar venue. The seminar fee does not include reservation/accommodation:

  1. Pangeran Beach Hotel, Jln. Juanda No. 79 Padang, Telp. (0751)7051333, 7054613 (seminar venue); rate: Rp. 583.000,00;’s
  2. Tiga-Tiga Hotel, Jln. Veteran No. 33 Padang, Telp. (0751)22137 (around 2,5 KM to the seminar VENUE, CHANGE ALL BELOW TO  VENUE);rate: Rp. 235.000,00;
  3. Grand Inna Muara Convention Hotel, Jln. Gereja No. 34 Padang, Telp. (0751)35600 (around 4 KM to the seminar location);
  4. Sriwijaya Hotel, Jln. Veteran No. 26 Padang, Telp. (0751)7855145, 445774 (3 KM to the seminar location); rate: Rp. 300.000,00;
  5. ION Hotel, Jln. S. Parman Padang, Telp. (0751)446767 (1,8 KM to the seminar location);  rate: Rp. 300.000,00;
  6. Nabawi Syariah Hotel, Jln. Samudera Padang, Telp. (0751) 22000 (1,5 KM to the seminar location);rate: Rp. 150.000,00;
  7. Fortuna Guest House Jln. S. Parman No. 161 Padang, Telp. (0751)705475 (1,5 KM to the seminar location); rate: Rp. 250.000,00 –Rp. 400.000,00;